Choker xx Loafers

So, a friend of mine inspired me to try the choker trend that is widespread these days and I’m glad that she did! She has this classic black choker that I love (and now own) so I decided to feature that in my post today.

We are allowed to dress business casual to work, which to me is a very tricky term because I feel like people always mess up the fine line that draws business from casual. I still think that you can show your personality in your work wear, but a lot of things need to be considered.

Nothing flashy in my work attire today. Just a pair of plaid crops from Loft (non-plaid version here), my favorite black Portofino dress shirt by Express, Black Slip Ons by Zara (Similar here and here) and Choker by Aldo.

For good measure, I always bring a black blazer with me to work too – for that unexpected meetings that might mean a lot more business than usual.

With this type of look, I kept my hair in a ponytail, because I find it to be distracting with my hair down sometimes, and I left my makeup as minimal as possible. I’m wearing my favorite nude lip from Too Faced Melted Lipwear line (Wearing Melted Sugar).

I also love my new work bag that I carry with me everyday of the week now. I can keep my laptop, notepad and my personal essentials like wallet, body spray, keys, glasses, conveniently in it. I purchased this tote before I returned back to work from American Eagle Outfitters.

I am obsessed with these shoes – Thanks to my fiancé for buying them for me. All of my shoes are actually credited to him. He has such a great eye and he always pick them out for me believe it or not. I like shoes that cover my toes at work because open-toed shoes are a little too casual to my liking. Plus, they make my toes freeze! But, I do like peep-toe wedges or pumps for work too, just not an overall open shoe type of person like sandals. A big no no in my books!

Hope you enjoyed this look.

P.S: My new iPhone 7 camera is fire! Photos by my mom.


Green Bomber Jacket

Hi loves,

I think I mentioned in another post how glad I am that my postpartum journey is going great so far. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, and getting down by two more pounds is usually the hardest – but I am not really chasing the number. I want to start working out again to transform my body and my plan is to start doing that once I start work, which is next week.

I wanted to share an outfit I wore the other day and you’ve probably already seen this jacket on me too but not in this combo. I LOVE this jacket! R bought it for me from H&M.  I told myself that I need more cute outerwear pieces because they’re super cool and they elevate your look to the next level.

If you notice, my outfit is actually super casual. All I have on is a pair of blue jeans and a spaghetti strap tank top – but this jacket made this outfit of mine look finished. If I hadn’t worn it together, I’d probably wear a scarf instead.

For accessories, I wore my trusted (and old) Tory Burch sandals in blue & my navy blue Marc Jacobs purse. I actually purchased these sandals at a discount from Nordstrom. I believe the popular colors are like more than $100 (actually found a pair on Nordstrom for $150 here) a pair but these were on sale for $90. Also, believe it or not but they are not that very comfortable. See..never trust the price tag.

Anyways.. If you see a jacket or shoes that you like, just grab them. You’d never know what you have in the closet that could turn it into an awesome outfit.



Polish it Off with Sinful Colors

Hi Ladies,

How cool is this new polish of mine? I swear I find inspiration and things off Instagram these days – who doesn’t, right? – and Kylie Jenner posted a picture of her collaboration with Sinful Colors. So, I decided to try it out because they looked pretty cool.

I remember buying a bottle of polish from this brand like 10 years ago and I remember two things from it: cheap & low quality. So, naturally, I did not buy it again. However, since this line is still around and KJ is willing to do a collaboration with them, I figured it is newly improved.

I went to a Walgreens and I picked up 3 new shades for $2.99 each. 1 of them was from the Kylie Jenner line and two from their standard line.

Here are the colors I picked out! 

My finger nails are in dire need of fresh new colors, so I gave myself a mani last night. I like the finished look especially once I polished it off with my trusted top coat by Sephora. I wrote another post about it here. I think SC has upped it’s reputation from being the low quality/cheap polish brand to a sub par polish brand. I encourage you guys to try it out especially if you are like me and want to try all crazy funky colors but want to save a penny or two. 


Muscle Tee

Hey guys!

Just wanted to share with you some pics of me in my favorite new tee from Target! I love it so much that I wear it at least once a week. It’s just a white top with Storm Troopers on it 🙂 I just had to spread the Star Wars love.

I am really happy that I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans! The only thing I need to work on is getting back in shape. I have zero muscles now and I look so lumpy! I’ve been looking to go back to doing kickboxing but how do I manage with an infant?! I think I can squeeze a workout in between Alden’s naps but his schedule is so irregular and I start work again on Monday.


I keep telling myself to not take fitting room photos but I always do! I really need to invest in a tripod because I love sharing my outfits with you all but unfortunately, the setup I have now take some time to really get it going. So, hope you like my amateur photos. 🙂

Muscle Tee from Target / Express Jeans / Call it Spring Sandals / Alex & Ani Bangles



Black Mini & Long Soft Cardigan

Hi All,

Ok so my life has been super quiet all of a sudden now because R is back at work. Because of that I have been having these true stay at home mom experiences with Alden and it’s been interesting to say the least. I should really be putting all my laundry away but he is napping now and I haven’t blogged in a week so I needed to do it or I’ll get rusty on the keyboard.

Top knots & glasses all day

Yesterday Alden and I went out running errands again. On Monday we went to the Office of Vital Records to get his birth certificate done and yesterday I had to return something I purchased back at the mall because it was too small. We also went to Babies R Us to pick up a few more essentials for the house.

Obsessed with these stackable Alex & Ani bangles I have on

It was such a hot day yesterday so I just wore my black mini dress and paired it with a long soft cardigan. I didn’t have the time to do my hair so up it went in a top knot. I love wearing dresses like this and I should really invest in more because it is easy and fuss free.

Repeat offender of the dress and cardi but not a repeat in this combo. 😉

Hope you guys had a great week and an even greater weekend. I have one full week until I get back to work. Omg!! Panicking right now!!

Oops, my shoes are missing but I wore a pair of black sandals with this and just the diaper bag as my trusted purse.


Mac Studio Fix Foundation vs Sonia Kashuk Tinted Moisturizer

We all have that one beauty item we cannot live without and for me, the one item is foundation. I have to wear foundation every day because I just don’t like the way my skin looks without it.

When I pick my foundations, I normally buy it in full coverage because I want it to last all day. However, when someone says full coverage, there’s one thing that comes to mind and that is..weight. The full coverage foundations are normally very heavy which a lot of people hate because we no one wants to look like they wear a lot of makeup and hello shiny oily skin on a hot summer’s day!

However, over the years, I feel like the built-in technology for foundations these days are improving seeing there are a lot more brands out there that carry full coverage foundations that are becoming less and less heavy. I swear by the Dior Forever & Dior Star foundation; they are really good products. But this mama-to-be is investing her money in other beauty products now (stretch mark creams), so she has to sacrifice this little luxury for the time being.

I remember being obsessed with Mac when I was in my early twenties. So much that I got tired of it. I didn’t like their Studio Fix foundation because it made my skin appear too bright or too yellow.. it was never the right tone.

Recently though, I decided to give the Mac Studio Fix another try seeing that it is a name brand product but with a smaller price tag, and I tend to be a little biased when it comes to brand name items. However, my expectations fell in short and I am giving it only 7 stars. Although it gave me the coverage I needed, I didn’t like the fact that I had to pile on a lot of product to get the coverage I need. Also, for some reason, I still feel like the color looks a tad bit yellow for my skin tone yet again.

I find myself now using my drugstore brand foundation more often than the Mac and I actually purchased it as a “back-up” foundation. It is not a foundation but a tinted moisturizer by Sonia Kashuk and you can find it at your local Target. I REALLY like this foundation. I think that it offers the amount of coverage I need, and it is super light weight. The only downside to it is it doesn’t last as long, but that’s expected for tinted moisturizers anyway! I am giving this product 8 stars.



This is me this morning in my Sonia Kashuk tinted moisturizer. More natural looking make-up for work.


This is me going to my friend’s birthday party in the Mac Studio Fix foundation. It doesn’t look bad but it definitely isn’t light weight as I’d like it to be. 

Which one do you guys like better?


Dressing the Bump

Hi Loves,

I know I’ve been seriously delayed on all these posts seeing that I am 5 weeks down to delivering baby A, but still, I would like to share some outfits I have spotted in my pregnancy thus far.


On my baby registry run at Target in a H&M top, black leggings & Zara booties


My Georgia peach and I taking a stroll on the Beltline. Zara dress & Target sandals.

I didn’t really start showing until I was 18 weeks and even then, there were some clothes and colors that will make my bump disappear when I wear them. I found it so hard to dress my bump because most of the clothes I wore pre-pregnancy were black, black and more black.


Work wear: Dress-Up top, Forever 21 coverup, Gap Maternity pants, Zara loafers


Weekend wear: Gap Maternity pants, Call it Spring Sandals, Tank, H&M Bomber Jacket

Thanks to my sweet love,  he was ever so kind to take me out shopping and bought a lot of new clothes for me. I am now 8.5 months but I can still wear a lot of my normal clothes which is awesome. The only thing I cannot wear are my old jeans, shorts, pants etc.. basically all bottom pieces. I now have transitioned to wearing elastic waist band stuff and I love it!


On business travel: Same Gap maternity pants, Call it spring sandals, H&M Top & Coverup, Papaya Necklace


Weekend Wear: Old Forever 21 dress & Call It spring Sandals, Marc Jacobs bag, Urban Outfitters Glasses

Some stores I love that carry maternity items are Gap, Target & H&M. I wish I had known about H&M sooner because not only do they have cute mama styles, baby clothes are adorbs as well. However, don’t go on a shopping spree when buying maternity clothes because you will change so much week by week. Maternity clothes can be pricey too, so the only thing I splurged on were my bottom pieces. For tops, I buy a few sizes bigger in the hopes I can wear them again post pregnancy.


Party wear: Forever 21 dress, Nine West Heels, Marc Jacobs Bag, UO Aviators. Also fresh blowout by Drybar.


Workwear: Target Liz Lange Maternity Dress

Anyways, the BIGGEST challenge for me is finding clothes to wear to work. I am definitely bigger now and I am having a hard time finding tops to wear because they are appearing too short, thanks to my ever growing belly. On weekends, I normally dress in maxi dresses or wear tank tops with cute light jacket and I pair it with leggings or my stretchy pants.


Party Wear: Guess dress. I LOVE this dress.


Workwear: Target Merona top, H&M Coverup, Warby Parker glasses.


Workwear: Zara turtleneck top, Gap Maternity jeans, Forever 21 Kimono

I was wearing booties up till I was 6 months pregnant and the ones I wear are Sperry’s & Tom’s because they are really comfortable, so much I can run in them j/k. I only wear sandals and flats now. My poor feet hurts.I am currently looking to purchase a new pair of sneakers because I need additional support. Also I think it’ll help me when baby A gets here.


Workwear: Zara puffer jacket, Black long sleeved top, Forever 21 skirt, Black leggings


Weekend Wear: Dress-up top, Black leggings, Sperry Booties, Tory Burch purse, H&M Aviators


Party Wear: Valentines Dinner with R. Guess dress.

Anyways, although I am so done and excited to meet him, I am going to miss being pregnant so much! My baby is moving so much in my belly now..maybe he likes the shepherd’s pie  I just fed him. Till next time!


Workwear: H&M Dress, Grey sweater & tights


Work wear: Target top & skirt, Floral kimono


Weekend wear: Gap Maternity Jeans, H&M basic tee, floral kimono & Target fedora