Skiphop Downtown Chelsea Backpack Diaper Bag

Please excuse my latest emotional post. We all have our days, right?

So, I have been experimenting with shooting videos and making movies, and they are on Youtube if you’d like to check them out! I only have 4 videos so far, but I am hoping to spend more time and explore this creative side of me just for the heck of it.

Check out my latest diaper bag review on Youtube, link here.

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Alden Update: 5 Months

Alden turned 5 months in November and if you recall from this post, we had a lot of things that happened that month. Alden could finally roll from front to back and back to front! He also started to reach for things around him and he loved playing peek-a-boo. His hair also started getting longer and it was curling up on the ends as you can see from the pictures. Not to forget, his cheeks were also getting so much rounder as he was packing on more chunk. During this time, we also noticed that he can respond to his name which resulted in a lot more smiles and giggling around him.

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The Ultimate Diaper Review

I never thought I’d ever write a diaper review but since I’ve had my fair share of diapering, and after trying multiple brands out there, I have now found my favorite. I am not getting paid to write this (but when did i get paid for writing reviews anyways) – However, I just wanted to share my own unsolicited feedback to see if you all agree with me and honestly, just to share my experience.

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Alden Update: 4 Months

Hi Everyone,

I cannot believe that I haven’t given an update on Alden for nearly 2 months now! The last time I wrote one was when he turned 3 months! Truth is, we have been so incredibly busy with having events and guests coming to visit back to back. However, it has all been such a great pleasure to hang out with our families & friends that are near and dear to our hearts the last few weeks.

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Motherhood & Friendships

When I was pregnant, I read a bunch of pregnancy books just to familiarize myself with this whole new world I’m about to be a part of and I came across a few stories that discuss motherhood and existing friendships. Almost all of them explained how everything is going to change; from existing friendships to new ones. I was blessed in my pregnancy to get the support from my close friends when I first told them the news, except for one. However, I am a firm believer that each individual has the right to their own opinion and it was up to me to take it or leave it, and I usually leave it.

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