What’s in My Diaper Bag?

Hi Loves!

Hope you are all doing well. I am not too bad myself. Waking up to a clean house is always a great feeling and waking up early is a bonus too. I love mornings because I like the quiet and the early start to the day – but I love sleeping in as well. I feel like it’s a double-edged sword.. Needless to say, I have been starting my days earlier now with a baby and I intend to keep this a running habit.

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now but I wanted to find the time to actually sit down and work on a laptop instead of posting  it via my mobile phone, so here it goes..

If you follow me on SnapChat (username: Shweetaza), I mentioned that I wanted to get a new diaper bag. Why? Because the diaper bag I have now is cute but it is a little on the big side, therefore it can get heavy because I tend to pack more items the bigger the bag is. I have to keep reminding myself to pack light without skimping on essentials, so here are the things I’ve narrowed it down to.

Above are pictures of my beautiful monogrammed diaper bag by Pottery Barn. The bag itself was $149 but to add the initials is an additional $10. You can order this bag online at their website, or you can even visit a PB baby store near you. Moreover, you can join their e-mail list and they always send offers to take discounts off your purchase. I chose grey because I am loving this color right now and our monogram was in blue because…baby boy! There are two short handles and a long strap for your convenience and there are two large front and back compartments as well as side pockets for storage! The bag itself is made from a heavy cotton material and the handles are leather. I love that this bag has a classic look. I didn’t want a heavily patterned bag because it will be harder to match it with other outfits. This diaper bag also lined with nylon inside so it makes it really easy to clean. It also comes with a matching changing pad which is definitely an essential and a great plus. I added the plastic bag disposal on the keyring for my dirty diapers. If i can’t find a trash can near me or if I am changing him in the car, I have a bag to toss my dirty diaper in.

Okay, so I know that there are a lot of things in the picture above but trust me, these are the essentials in my bag.

On the top far left, you can see my bag and the changing pad and a blanket on top of it. I always pack an extra blanket in my bag and always have a blanket in the car seat with me. You can see to the right of the blanket are a couple of hats and a few change of clothes for the babe. I suggest packing at least 3-4 outfits and even a pair of pajamas for when you are going to be out till late. To the left of his onesies, you can see my nursing cover up. I think that this is good to have if you are uncomfortable with nursing in public but I am trying to not rely on this so much because it actually looks more obvious that you’re breastfeeding when you have huge bib covering your front. I think that this is great for pumping though – I tend to show more when I am pumping.

To the right of the hats and clothes I have a burp cloth and a wash cloth to clean up after his messes, and below it you can find his wet wipes and pacifier wipes as well. I got the wet wipes clutch as gifts from friends and all we did was purchase the refills for it. I love that it is reusable therefore there is less waste!

On the top far left of the picture, you can see the diapers. I suggest packing at least 5 in your bag and really keeping up with this number. Babies go through so many diapers in a day! To the left of my diapers, I have a hand cream lotion for me and the babe’s butt paste and telon oil (which is a Malaysian/Indonesian thing). I apply the oil on his tummy and the soles of his feet to make his tummy comfortable and because it smells heavenly! Thanks to my aunt in Malaysia for shipping them to me. If i do run out, I can still buy them on Amazon although for a higher price. The last few items I have here are socks,bibs and baby lotion for the babe. Alden still doesn’t wear bibs yet but I have them here just in case.

Some of the things that aren’t necessarily packed in the bag but I bring with me at all times are my baby carriers. I love baby wearing and I think that it makes running errands a lot easier because I can be hands-free, especially when grocery shopping. I also always have an extra wet wipe clutch in my car and hand sanitizer with me.

Hope some of you found this helpful. I’m still new to being a mother so the items in here might change in the future but these are all I need right now =)



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