Green Bomber Jacket

Hi loves,

I think I mentioned in another post how glad I am that my postpartum journey is going great so far. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, and getting down by two more pounds is usually the hardest – but I am not really chasing the number. I want to start working out again to transform my body and my plan is to start doing that once I start work, which is next week.

I wanted to share an outfit I wore the other day and you’ve probably already seen this jacket on me too but not in this combo. I LOVE this jacket! R bought it for me from H&M.  I told myself that I need more cute outerwear pieces because they’re super cool and they elevate your look to the next level.

If you notice, my outfit is actually super casual. All I have on is a pair of blue jeans and a spaghetti strap tank top – but this jacket made this outfit of mine look finished. If I hadn’t worn it together, I’d probably wear a scarf instead.

For accessories, I wore my trusted (and old) Tory Burch sandals in blue & my navy blue Marc Jacobs purse. I actually purchased these sandals at a discount from Nordstrom. I believe the popular colors are like more than $100 (actually found a pair on Nordstrom for $150 here) a pair but these were on sale for $90. Also, believe it or not but they are not that very comfortable. See..never trust the price tag.

Anyways.. If you see a jacket or shoes that you like, just grab them. You’d never know what you have in the closet that could turn it into an awesome outfit.



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