Hi Guys! 

I’ve been having so much fun with dressing Alden up in superhero clothes. We got them as gifts from R’s mom’s friend and they are so cute! Alden is getting so much chunkier these days. He literally is a milk guzzling machine- not like I am complaining. 

I am getting somewhat excited to go back to work. I think it’s the idea of having some more routine and being back on a schedule that excites me. I think that Alden knows that I am going back soon because he has been super clingy lately. I haven’t been doing much around the house because we sleep in, we take afternoon naps together and we snuggle each other to sleep. I’m going to miss you buddy. 

I still don’t know what we’re doing for child care. It’s so hard to make a decision!! I finally found a daycare that I like but I have to hear from them again to see if there’s an open spot for him. Please pray we get it! I wish I can stay home to take care of him but I wish I didn’t have to as well. I’m just afraid that no one can take care of him as well as I do. Praying that God gives me strength.

Mommy loves you Alden.. 


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