Black Mini & Long Soft Cardigan

Hi All,

Ok so my life has been super quiet all of a sudden now because R is back at work. Because of that I have been having these true stay at home mom experiences with Alden and it’s been interesting to say the least. I should really be putting all my laundry away but he is napping now and I haven’t blogged in a week so I needed to do it or I’ll get rusty on the keyboard.

Top knots & glasses all day

Yesterday Alden and I went out running errands again. On Monday we went to the Office of Vital Records to get his birth certificate done and yesterday I had to return something I purchased back at the mall because it was too small. We also went to Babies R Us to pick up a few more essentials for the house.

Obsessed with these stackable Alex & Ani bangles I have on

It was such a hot day yesterday so I just wore my black mini dress and paired it with a long soft cardigan. I didn’t have the time to do my hair so up it went in a top knot. I love wearing dresses like this and I should really invest in more because it is easy and fuss free.

Repeat offender of the dress and cardi but not a repeat in this combo. 😉

Hope you guys had a great week and an even greater weekend. I have one full week until I get back to work. Omg!! Panicking right now!!

Oops, my shoes are missing but I wore a pair of black sandals with this and just the diaper bag as my trusted purse.


One thought on “Black Mini & Long Soft Cardigan

  1. I love this outfit! Looks really good on you! Would love it if you could check out my blog

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