Mushi’s First Month

Here I am sitting in Alden’s nursery waiting for him to fall asleep in his crib. I am filled with so much emotions, primarily over how in love I am with him. I find myself constantly in awe with his development progress and I cannot be thankful enough to Allah for blessing me with a happy & healthy child.


While nursing him not too long ago, I started reading through some of my most recent posts here on Mushi Dreams. I know that I write a lot about my new milestone, which is becoming a new mother, I haven’t yet written anything about the things my newborn can do in his first 4 weeks of life.




I decided to list down all of the new discoveries about my baby, which you can find below, just because…

  • He farts out LOUD which made us a little worried at first because we weren’t expecting this at all! I wonder if he is farting loudly because of my eating habits, but he doesn’t seem to fuss too much over it so I presume he is ok. We’ll see. If the situation doesn’t improve, I think I need to cut out dairy and caffeine completely out of my diet. He sure does make the cutest faces and sounds when he is doing his business though.
  • He can lift his head and hold it for a few seconds long! He is definitely not strong enough to hold it for a long time but he sure can hold his head up. He started doing this in week 2, usually when we put him on our chest when we’re in bed. He’s also starting to learn his name and responds to us calling him by holding and dropping his head in the direction his name is being called from. I can’t wait to see his development after 8 weeks.
  • He can suck very well. I guess all the baby books weren’t kidding about this one and the months of practice babies get in the womb really comes to show when they are born. My little guy can suck really well and suck hard! We’ve started giving him the pacifier to help him sleep at night and that seems to help. But, once it comes off, it stays out. I tried to teach him to suck on his hand instead because that’s easier to use (no grabbing) for when he needs to self-soothe but he doesn’t do too well with this method. Only today I started seeing him do this but it is way too soon to tell.
  • He loves bath time, which makes it so much easier for us! The first bath was rather loud, I must say with his constant whimpers and such because he was cold. I was worried to fill the tub all the way up with water and the temperature was definitely a tad on the cold side so he had a not so happy time. My poor guy. Now though, I fill the water all the way up in his infant tub, and he just loves sitting in the mesh liner that the tub comes with while I lather him up with soap.
  • He can smile.. Although not directly to us but he can turn that frown face up to a smile from time to time.


Anyway, these are some of the things we discovered in his first month here with us. I am going to take a short nap now before my little guy wakes up again for a feeding. I am feeling a little anxious tonight because he is sleeping in his room for the first time by himself. I am trying to get him used to sleeping in his crib and putting him on a schedule to make it easier for us when we go back to work. I am doing this under the guidance of a book that I am currently reading and I love it so far because it is the one book I found that doesn’t tell me to let him cry it out (CIO). We’ll see if it works in the long run!



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