What I didn’t know about Postpartum Recovery

Hi Loves,

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week so far. I myself can’t tell what day in the week it is because, maternity leave and sleep deprivation, but no complains right? *Wink wink*.

Since the little babe is 4 weeks old today, I can’t help but think about the day he was born and of course the joys of postpartum recovery! Honestly, I am so glad that we (baby & I) made it this far and we are both happy and healthy, but the recovery was new and somewhat painful for me.

I realized that most of the pregnancy books and articles I read didn’t really go into much detail of postpartum recovery. Maybe it does, but perhaps I missed it? But anyways, here are the things I didn’t know about PP recovery that I finally learned after giving birth.

Things to expect after birth:

  1. You will bleed – A lot.
    • I knew that I was going to bleed and I even packed menstrual pads in my hospital bag. What I didn’t know was that the thin pads I brought was not thick enough. I’ve always hated maxis because they’re thick, however, when you give birth, the hospital staff will put you in the super super maxi pads times two. Your body will be releasing blood clots that were formed, and the clots will pass through to your pad. I wore the super thick hospital pads for 1 week and once I was discharged, I switched over to the thin pads.
  2. Hot Flashes
    • That’s right, ladies. You will feel hot, hot, HOT. I remember sweating profusely and I am not the kind of chick to sweat. It sucks because you want to turn the AC down so badly, but you don’t want to risk your newborn from freezing.
  3. Your tummy won’t automatically be flat.
    • This, I know but what I would like to mention here is that you will lose a lot of ur weight after the first week. Your body is still swollen, so give yourself some time. For me, I had to wait a while to wear regular pants because of my section wound.
  4. Your breasts may be engorged.
    • Mine were super engorged pretty quickly after I gave birth because I didn’t really know how to nurse. Alden had a great latch but he wasn’t producing enough poopy and wet diapers which can only lead to one thing – Jaundice. So, we had to supplement with formula and I was such a wreck thinking I am a horrible mother for not being able to feed my son. When I fed him formula, I forget to pump, so my breasts stayed engorged. R’s mom helped me express all of my milk and cleared out my ducts and she was a lifesaver. Breastfeeding is so hard at first but don’t give up ladies, you have to WORK for your milk and your baby needs to learn to nurse too. Give yourselves some time. I definitely had a huge learning curve when it comes to breastfeeding. The hardest thing I had to endure is everyone doubting me if my baby is eating enough  even after my milk came in and I  finally got the hang of it. I hate to tell them, “told you so”, but sometimes people just need to trust that there’s such thing as maternal instinct.
    • Okay, so why the caps? That’s because this is legitimately the devil. Being gassy sucks because it hurts. Everything internally me wanted to cry out loud. It was horrible. So, my best friends were all things ginger related and gas-x. I also had the HARDEST time to poop because the painkillers i was on made me constipated. Remedy? Walking, water and LOTS of prune juice. Thank me later.

So, what were some of the things you ladies experienced?



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