What’s in my Prenatals?

A lot of people are wondering how my hair grew exponentially fast in the past three months and believe it or not, they think it is because of my prenatal vitamins.I hate to tell you this guys but it is not, I wish it was!


I have been toying with the idea of getting hair extensions for quite some time now but I never gotten around to doing it because, it is quite pricey. I went to a few salons to get a consult and the average price for a full head of hair in Atlanta is $700-$900. Yes, THAT much. On top of the price tag, I actually did not know where to go to get them done until I stumbled upon a couple of really nice salons in Buckhead through Instagram. I decided to save up and chalk up the wad of cash for this transformation and I could NOT be happier with my decision. The only thing I regret is not researching or asking enough because I actually managed to find someone else who does extensions and has her own business at a Salon Loft, and she seems more knowledgeable about the hair types and she costed half the price I paid for in the beginning.


If you are thinking or are just curious to know what to look for when getting hair extensions, look below.


  1. Choose the right salon for hair implementation and maintenance.
    • If you get hair extensions, it is very important to maintain it every 6 -8 weeks.Most salons in Atlanta will charge an implementation  fee and the cost to purchase hair at the first visit. Then, you have to go back after 6 weeks to get them taken out, washed, treated, and implemented again at your maintenance appointment. The first place I went to charges $325 for implementation and I spent about $350 on my first set of hair. My 6-8 week touch-up would cost me $325 as well. I was really happy with the way she put my hair in, but I wished she staggered them better. I found another stylist that I work with now at a DryBar salon and lo & behold she has her own Salon Loft business and she specializes in extensions, AND she charges less. I am so happy that I found her. She’s really honest and she isn’t pushy about forcing me to buy new hair or anything like that. Also, she doesn’t charge me for tightening my hair in my 6 week window. I love it!
  2. Choose the right hair for you.
    • The stylist that I see now has educated me on the types of hair available and boy, there are many! There are the tape-ins, the interlocks and many more, but the one I got this time around is the microbead interlocking type. Keep on researching and ask your stylist for the best hair to suit your natural hair type.
  3. Take care of your hair.
    • This is super important. You have to treat your hair like your own. Make sure you brush your hair, wash and condition with sulfate-free products if you can afford. Conditioning is super important because it  is very easy for the hair to dry out. Always leave the conditioner on for a few minutes in the shower especially at the tips so they don’t get tangled. Remember that the longer you get your hair, the more caring and taming and taking care of it that you will need.
    • If you use heat products to style your hair, you can use them on these natural hair too, however please use heat protectant spray. I like to curl or wave my hair because my natural hair is not that long, and the only way to camouflage it is to wave them together so they look good.


All in all, hair extensions are great and long hair make me feel more feminine, but I am starting to miss my shorter hair. Lol. — Problem with us girls.. never happy with what we have.


If you guys are interested to know more and if I haven’t addressed any questions, feel free to ask me below and I will be more than happy to help. =)




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