Felt like Yesterday 

One of my good friends from Malaysia was here to visit me yesterday for just 24 hours because she left for New York this morning as her last stop before embarking on a four-month European backpacking trip.I haven’t seen her in years, so I was definitely glad and happy that she made the time to come and visit little old me here.

The last 24 hours felt like it went by really quickly in that we both just talked and went sight seeing all day. Crazy how I have been away from Malaysia for 11 years now, which also means I have been out of high school for that length of time. However, when we met up again after  5 or so years, it felt like we haven’t lived away from each other at all.

I picked her up from the airport around 11 AM and we went straight to Ponce City Market for lunch as we were both starving. This was my second time having food there and it was not disappointing at all! I finally got to try the Chicken Sandwich from Hop’s Chicken Place because the last time I came here with mom, I had the chicken Tikka sandwich from Botiwalla and that was delicious as well! We stayed at PCM for a a few hours at Billtong after we ate and then went for a quick walk on the Beltline in the scorching hot weather after. Here’s a list of all the food places at PCM.

After the beltline, I took her downtown to CNN center, The World of Coke and Centennial Park and I was actually impressed with it these days. Being an Atlanta local, I’ve always known the park to be pretty boring place, especially if you have already been there before. However, the city has made some new additions to it recently, from new water features and cool sculptures, or it would’ve been an old bare park. There was a bit of construction right now over there too, not sure for what exactly but I’m pretty excited to see what the new addition would be. We were at Centennial for a good bit before we left around 7 PM and to head up north to Cumming for dinner at mom’s.

After dinner, we headed back to my place and by this time it was 11:00 PM when we got home. R was still up, so he and A got to meet for the first time as well.  We hung around for another hour or so before we all retreated to bed near 2 AM. I was extremely exhausted last night from being outdoors in the heat and running about all day, but I  was afraid of snoring and waking R up, so I ended up waking up every hour from complete restlessness and not to mention the potty wake-up calls as well.

Anyways, even though I wish she had more time here, I’m still glad that we got to hang out even for just a day. Really excited to plan our trip back to Malaysia so I can show R and baby mushi my hometown in all its glory next!

By the way, how awesome are these photos?


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